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Mar 10, 2011

JBoss Asylum 17 Shownotes

Recorded 18th of February 2011

by Michael Neale, Emmanuel Bernard & Max Rydahl Andersen

Music by Real Rice Licence Art Libre 1.3

Direct download: mp3 and ogg

Guest: Kris Verlaenen (@krisverlaenen)

Warning: The sound quality of this episode turned out to be bad and required a lot of editing to be audiable, but the content was great - if you want to skip directly to the interview then that starts at 22m33s.

Red Hat Summit

JBoss Developer Webinar series

Java EE 7 proposals
RichFaces milestone train

Seam 3.0 Beta2

Hibernate Validator: method level validation and more

JBoss Tools 3.2

Interview with Kris V about jBPM 5

jBPM Home
jBPM 5 Community

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