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Feb 22, 2017

JBoss Asylum 43 Shownotes


Recorded 26 January 2017


Emmanuel Bernard (Info, @emmanuelbernard) &

Andrew Lee Rubinger (Info, @ALRubinger) & 

Gunnar Morling (Info @gunnarmorling)


Music by Real Rice ( Licence Art Libre 1.3


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#43 Bean Validation 2.0


In this session, specification leads of Bean Validation Emmanuel Bernard and Gunnar Morling entertain the newb questions of guest host Andrew Lee Rubinger on:


* Embedding Bean Validation in Java SE

* Motivations for BV 2.0

* New features

* Compatibility with prior releases

* Open TCK

* Getting involved


- References


Specification Home:


Bean Validation Testing Compatibility Kit (TCK) 2.0:


TCK Source Code:


Issue Tracker: