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Oct 19, 2010

JBoss Asylum #14

Recorded 14th October 2010

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Music by Real Rice ( Licence Art Libre 1.3

Direct download: mp3 and ogg

Guests: Heiko braun, Red Hat, Errai/Riftsaw, @heiko_braun & Pete Muir, Red Hat, Seam/Weld, @plmuir

Thanks to @sombriks, & @brianleathem for questions by Twitter.


RHQ home page:
RHQ 4 video:
RHQ 4 DP 1:
Tim Fox/HornetQ:
Savara Movies:
Hibernate 3.6:
Hibernate move to Git
Weld 1.1.0.Beta1:
Weld Extensions 1.0.0.Beta1:
JBoss Tools Beta 1:

JBoss AS 6 M5
Dan's webinar on EE6 (will be a recording by then)
Hibernate Validator in GWT
Errai related project:
Errai code:
Errai blog:
JUDCON slides: GWT & CDI ->
Seam / Weld Links: Seam 3 homepage:
Seam 3 git codebase:
Seam IRC channels: #seam #seam-dev
Weld homepage:
Weld Extensions homepage: http:// Extensions
Weld codebase:
Weld IRC channels: #weld #weld-dev

thirteen and a half years ago


almost fourteen years ago

Thank you for podcast!
Especially thanks for Hibernate 3.6. I like all changes for 3.6 version, good job!

almost fourteen years ago

All the links, like the one for JUDCon are broken due to an additional http: prefix.