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Oct 14, 2019

  JBoss Asylum 46 Shownotes

  Recorded 8 october (last 19th July 2017 - 799 days, 2.19 years)


Emmanuel Bernard (Info, @emmanuelbernard) &

Max Rydahl Andersen (Info, @maxandersen)


Music by Real Rice ( Licence Art Libre 1.3


#46: Quarkus to the bone


10 year anniversary woohoo…..1 episode every 80th day :)


Give feedback at @jbossasylum and


What is Quarkus ? 


Why did it get created ? 


Why would I use it  ? 


microservices ? Web apps ? clis ?


What kind of extensions are there ? anyone doing something more than just enable a fwk to be native  ?


Is it only container native apps  ?


What is an extension ?

How do i know if I need an extension rather than just use library directly ?


All this about messing with native stuff sounds limiting ?


Can I build natively for all three major platforms ?